From cloud formation to fractions…see what Westside fifth graders are up to!

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Check out what’s happening in fifth grade math class lately! The students have been learning a variety of skills during the month of January, including how to add and subtract fractions from other fractions and whole numbers. They have also learned about probability and how to show the outcome of an event in fraction and percentage form. They have done a great job learning how to multiply and divide by multi-digit numbers!  Coming up in February – the chance to explore the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents, introducing exponents and square roots, as well as continuing to master measurements as they apply to parts of a whole.

how to make a cloud cry poster

5th grade science classes have just finished a massive weather unit. In the past month students learned how different heat transfers help to fuel the water cycle, and cloud formation. Check out the photo above of some student work from this project. They have studied tornadoes and hurricanes and the reason they are so destructive. Additionally, students have learned about air pressure, air masses, fronts, and the jet stream in order to predict wind speed, direction, and why we have stormy weather in specific places.

Up next: connecting our understanding of weather to how it affects our landscapes. We will focus on erosion, deposition, and a bit of engineering/problem solving in the form of controlling different forms of erosion. Stay tuned!