Congratulations to our Athletes’ of the Week!

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Athletes of the Week Owen and Dani

The Westside School boys’ team played a tough St. Catherine’s team and competed well. The boys are continuing to improve their skills and  knowledge of the game. The team record is now 1-2, and there are two games this weekend, so the team will have a chance to keep improving. If you have seen volleyball at the younger levels, you know the importance of serving. Owen has been working hard on getting his serves in, and with the help of coach Darren, he has become a consistent contributor, serving seven points for Westside in the match on Saturday. Owen is always positive and engaged, and is a very deserving athlete of the week.

Westside School’s seventh grade girls AAA team beat Guadalupe 2-0 on Saturday, pushing their record to 2-1 against the highest competition. The girls’ play this Saturday at noon at the new campus, and then play Sunday at 3:00 p.m. at St. Alphonsus. All of the girls are working very well together, and pushing each other to improve, but one girl who really stands out as a quite leader is Dani. She has great athleticism, and her jumping, hitting, and overhand serving are all at a very high level. It will be fun to watch Dani continue to develop over the next two years in volleyball. Congratulations to both Owen and Dani!

Westside School’s AAA seventh grade girls swept Guadalupe over the weekend, moving to 2-1 competing at the highest level. The fifth grade girls beat St. Edward 2-0, and they remain undefeated, running their record to 3-0. The girls are having a bunch of fun, and playing great volleyball. The first home games of the volleyball season take place this Saturday, March 15, at the new campus. The schedule for Saturday is as follows:

5th grade girls 9

5th/6th grade boys 10

7th grade girls AA 11

7th grade girls AAA 12

8th grade girls 1