Happenings in the Lower School!

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First grade Bridges in Math I

The kindergarten, first and second grade students have been happily implementing a new math curriculum this year. It is called Bridges in Mathematics. Students in these early grades are exposed to concepts and guided through explorations that help broaden mathematical understanding. Currently, the first grade students are learning fractional parts of a whole through folding shapes. Using two dimensional shapes, the students begin by folding the figure in half. They must consider whether the figure is symmetrical, can be folded in two equal parts or no equal parts, whether it is at least four equal parts, and – if a given shape if can be divided into four equal parts – how many parts make half of the whole. Students also must consider how that could be written to show it has four parts, and how many shapes four parts can make. In the upper grades students are learning to multiply and divide equal and unequal fractions. First grade students are gaining the skills and understanding – the make-up of a strong foundation for further learning!

Book Fair App

Download the BRAND NEW Scholastic Book Fair App, which makes finding the right book a snap!
The NEW Book Fairs App is Free and is available for most mobile devices.  With any scan of a book cover or barcode at the Scholastic Book Fair, find out:
  • Reading levels
  • Appropriate age and grade
  • Book summary
  • Price
  • Awards
  • and more!
Also search and find more great books, create wish lists, and even shop books that are available online!

Don’t forget! Westside School’s Spring Book Fair is just around the corner on Tuesday, April 22 and Wednesday, April 23. Come back to school, refreshed from your spring break and visit our in-school book fair. Stock up on good reads to get you through the school year and to entertain you over the long, lazy days of summer. View the Book Fair homepage HERE, where you can preview some of the books that will be at the fair, see the shopping hours, and access the Scholastic online book fair, available April 12 – May 2!   Click HERE to visit the Usborne online book fair, where you can shop now through April 27!

We STILL NEED volunteers! To make this Book Fair a success, we are looking for volunteers to assist with set-up, sales, and more.  If you know you are interested in lending a hand, please sign-up HERE!

The book fair helps to build the library collection and to promote literacy efforts across the school! Thank you so much for your support!

The third grade class has already learned how to use iMovie, adding pictures, recording their voices, adding text, and background music. Our Lower School Spanish teacher taught the students about the weather and clothing with a song, and it was time to think of how to incorporate technology into the project. Check out the results!

Shel Silverstein poetry II

April is National Poetry Month and the second graders are immersed in poetry. Our read aloud time includes poems, this week’s homework assignment asks each child to pick a poem to read aloud (Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky are the popular choices!), our literature writing connecting to our science topic is a poem (stop by and read our hallway bulletin board!) and we are writing poetry during Writer’s Workshop (So far we’ve written a list poem, a shape poem and a two words on a line poem!)

Shel Silverstein poetry I

The second graders encourage all of you to read and write poetry this month.  It is a fun way to be more specific and innovative with language, form and vocabulary.