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With the 2013-2014 academic year coming to a close in just a few short weeks, it’s time to elect the new WPO Board and Event Chair positions for the 2014 – 2015 school year! The positions are detailed below, and if you’re interested in joining the team click here.

Even if you work during the day or have limited time there’s an opportunity for everyone! The WPO has every kind of position to fit your skills, interest, and available time. Join us and be a part of the wonderful Westside School volunteers. We need you!

In the meantime, should you have any questions please contact the current WPO Board (


– Serve on the Development Committee and report to senior leadership

– Help organize and attend social events to foster and promote a welcoming and supportive community spirit

– Support volunteers for family events

– Determine the annual task of writing the WPO agenda for the year and setting the event calendar 

Vice President

– Set agenda for monthly WPO meetings  Gather and invite event chairs to meetings as needed.

– Take notes during WPO meetings and distribute, we will do away with Secretary position.

– General support of President as needed


– Attend monthly WPO officer meetings

– Deposit all WPO checks and cash, and record all deposits and checks

– Write checks for WPO-authorized expenditures

– Prepare budget; meet with WPO President and Head of School to approve, final approval by officers

– Present a full report of accurate accounts of receipts and expenditures to the organization as requested

– Coordinate cash box monies for events

– Have a good working knowledge of Excel!

Members At Large (Lower School and Middle School Members At Large positions )

– Be the voice of the community for Lower School or Middle School

– Support the work of the officers and committees by attending and voting at regular officer meetings

– Help recruit event volunteers in Lower and Middle School 

Middle School Parent Rep Coordinator

– Act as the liaison between the WPO board, Middle School Parent Representatives (MSPR), and the Middle School teaching staff in order to best support students, teachers, and middle school parents.

– With the Lead MSPR, act as a liaison between middle school staff and middle school parent liaisons

– Attend monthly WPO meetings

– Update board with relevant Middle School info

– Attend monthly Middle School teacher/parent representative meetings.

– Coordinate with MSPRs to update Middle School families with information from the teacher/parent rep meeting

– Update teachers and MSPRs with relevant information from WPO board meetings

– Work with the Lower School Room Parent Coordinator in the fall to schedule a new room parent/parent rep orientation.

– As needed/desired, work with the Lower School RP Coordinator to schedule a mid-year room parent/parent representative check-in meeting; and/or an end-of-year wrap-up/thank you breakfast.

– Work with Middle School student council staff member to ensure the two Middle School Student Council representative positions to the WPO are filled

– Provide backup support to Lead Middle School Parent Rep

– This is a WPO board position

Lead Middle School Parent Representative

– Work together with the Middle School Parent Rep Coordinator to support middle school teachers, students, and parents

– Set agenda, and lead monthly teacher/ parent rep meetings

– Set meeting schedule with teachers and parent representatives for the year in the fall

– Provide backup support to Middle School Parent Rep Coordinator

– One of the Middle School parent representatives, preferably a seventh grade parent rep or a parent who has had more than one child in Middle School (who has a lot of Middle School experience as a parent)

– This is also an MSPR position. Where possible, the Lead MSPR is a parent with two or more years as a Middle School parent