The Westside School WPO

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Our wonderful Westside School Parent Organization (WPO) is a tremendously valuable part of our community. As parents, you know the value of being part of the Westside School community goes beyond dropping kids off for their learning. The WPO invites you to share your passions and interest, and work together to make this year great. To make it all happen, they need volunteers!


Tasks can take a few minutes, hours, days, or extend throughout the school year. The choice is yours on how to plug in. It’s not just about volunteering – the WPO is the Westside Parent Organization, and that includes all parents. Join the WPO monthly meetings. They want to hear from you – what you like, what should be changed, new ideas, suggestions, and more! Get to know other parents and make friends too.

At the Curriculum Coffees this week, the WPO will have information about many volunteer opportunities.

There are many opportunities to volunteer, join as a Room Parent, and to take on a position with the WPO Board and Event Chairs. Please continue to check back, the list will be updated this week!

WPO monthly meetings will be announced soon, stay tuned to the Westside School calendar! We hope you’ll join us!

Development Ambassadors are needed as well! Join the Development Committee and other Westside School volunteers in supporting the Westside School Fund and the Celebrate! event. By signing up as a Development Ambassador, you’ll help encourage participation in both efforts. There is an Orientation on Friday morning, October 3. For questions, contact Celesta Bjornson or Terry Muench.