Fifth grade Mandarin students celebrate the mid-Autumn Festival

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In the fifth grade Mandarin class last Thursday, students celebrated one of the most important and traditional Chinese holidays: mid-Autumn Festival  中秋节(zhōng  qiū  jié.This holiday occurred on August 15 of the Chinese lunar calendar, and fell on September 7 this year. In class, students talked about the origin of the festival that comes from the legend of Cháng  É, the reason why people eat moon cakes on this day, and the cultural rituals for celebrating this festival, which includes 看月亮 kàn  yuè  liang),吃月饼 chī  yuè  bǐng. During the class, Students presented the story of Chang E Flying to the Moon by showing the Chinese flash cards, and created their own bookplate through writing down those key Chinese vocabularies about mid-Autumn Festival, and drawing or pasting a picture on the bookplate. They also read and discussed the most classic mid-Autumn Festival poem: 静夜思 (jìng  yè  sī , which highlights the essence of mid-Autumn Festival: family unity. Finally, students watched a video showing how to make traditional moon cakes while enjoying the delicious moon cakes decorated with Chinese inscriptions!

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