“Lands of the Bands” in sixth grade Humanities

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Sixth grade humanities has just come to the end of their introductory geography unit: “Lands of the Bands.” Students have produced posters showing an analysis of a particular region using the five themes of geography. The regions were selected by identifying the birthplace or homeland of a musical artist or band. The bands and artists students researched were:
  • ABBA – Sweden
  • Lead singer of The Red Hot Chili Peppers – Michigan
  • Psy – South Korea
  • INXS – Australia
  • Bjork – Iceland
  • The Scorpions – Saxony, Germany
  • Shakira – Columbia
  • Freddie Mercury (obviously) – Zanzibar, Tanzania

Humanities III

The posters will be displayed in the Middle School on the second floor hallway.
In Language Arts, we have completed our author study of Charles Dickens and his life through the Victorian era, in 19th century Britain. Students have made timelines demonstrating the key events of both Dickens’ life and those of Queen Victoria’s reign.
This week we began reading the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol” and every student has identified an “independent” book to read outside of class. The expectation from next week is that all sixth grade students complete at least 15 minutes of independent reading every night. We will also be setting up a discussion board on Haiku for students to share their thinking about what they read.
Humanities II