Stone Soup!

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The November Book of the Month was Stone Soup by John Muth. This is classic, traditional literature tale has been retold in various cultures around the world for hundreds of years. The John Muth version takes place in ancient China and starts out with three monks asking the question: “What makes someone happy?” As the story unfolds, the people of the village learn working together is greater than living apart. This powerful story provided the forum for conversations about team work, sharing resources and being a good community member.
Stone Soup II
John Muth is an American children’s book author and illustrator who is most famous for his books Zen Shorts and Zen Ties.
The question of the month posed to Westside School children was: What makes YOU happy? Check out their responses on the bulletin board in the main hallway.
Stone Soup I
Stay tuned to find out what the December Book of the Month will be!