Seventh grade students stay busy, use creativity and innovation

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Seventh grade students have been busy! In math, students have been working to continue building their understanding of equations and inequalities, and recently dove into prime numbers, looking at how to use prime factorization to break down composite numbers and more easily find the greatest common factor or least common multiple of a set of numbers. Last week, students particularly enjoyed playing the Mistake Game, where small groups of students present the “solution” to a problem, but intentionally include a common mistake, which the class had to identify and correct.

Math and Science February 2
In science, students have jumped headfirst into the study of physics, and have been focusing on different forces. Last week, they conducted experiments with friction, and this week, groups have designed their own experiments to study how the magnetic force changes when they use one magnet vs two, three or four. Yesterday, students took apart simple motors to try and then experimented with the parts to try and figure out how they work. Students are using creativity and innovation as they design a variety of experiments all studying the same question!