Congratulations to our Athletes of the Week!

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The Westside School fifth grade boys’ volleyball team played a very tough Holy Family Kirkland team last Saturday. They got down big to start the first game, and then played nearly even the rest of the match. The team is still learning the skills and the strategy of the game, but coach Glyn has them improving rapidly. Brendan, our male Athlete of the Week, led the way for us against Holy Family. Brendan has an underhand serve that he gets over nearly every time, and has really good distance on. A really serve placement to return is the serve in between the front and back rows. Brendan consistently hits this spot, and has the defense scrambling to get to and return his serves. Brendan also hustles to balls and is improving his bumping skills. Congratulations Brendan!

The Westside School eighth grade girls volleyball team play in the eighth grade AAA division, which means they play the best teams. There is a have a big team of mixed seventh and eighth grade students, and everyone is working hard and improving. It does mean they really have to be good in games though, because the competition is tough. A couple of the athletes are very good volleyball players, and they lead the way for us in our effort to compete. Danielle, our female Athlete of the Week, is one of these girls. Dani has an excellent overhand line drive serve that mimics topspin action. She talks on the court, hustles consistently, and can set and hit. Dani and Scarlett both do a good job of setting and hitting to and from each other, and they are fun to watch play together. Terrific job Danielle!