Athletes of the Week!

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Athlete of the Week March 25

The Westside School sixth grade boys volleyball team played a tough St. Anne team last Saturday morning. The team was missing a couple top players, and Clayton really stepped up and led us. Clayton, our male Athlete of the Week, has gained a lot of confidence, and is playing advanced volleyball now. He anticipates where the ball will be hit, moves early and effectively to the ball, and bumps back consistently. Clayton also serves very consistently. He has an overhand serve that almost always gets in and usually lands deep. Clayton has started using his size and athleticism well at the net, which is a big part of volleyball moving forward. He hits on passes from his teammates but also hits back short balls from the other team when he is in the front. It is a lot of fun to watch Clayton leading his classmates. Congratulations Clayton!

The Westside School fifth grade girls volleyball team has been having a solid first volleyball season. They have all learned a great deal about the game, and improved all their skills. Last weekend, the team played two games, battling against St. Anthony and St. Joseph. Kate, our female Athlete of the Week, has really been taking her development and team’s development seriously. She has worked hard on all of her skills, and can now do each of the main elements of volleyball. Her serve in particular has stood out. Kate also has done a good job encouraging her teammates, and pushing them to stay focused and engaged during practices and games. We look forward to watching her continue to develop through her Westside School Middle School career. We’re proud of you Kate!