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Westside School is fortunate to have many talented, passionate, creative, and engaged faculty and staff. Today, we’re highlighting (and hearing from) someone who has made a tremendous impact in several key areas of our community. Nick Low, our Extended Day & Summer Program Coordinator, shares what he has learned, what surprised him along the way during his years at Westside School, and what’s next.

Nick and his girlfriend, Caroline

I have learned so much these past three years. Most of all, I have learned about people. Getting to know children in and out of a classroom environment has taught me they are truly the germinating seeds of adults-in-training. What everyone has in common is they have a hard job to do as they go through life, and they all need some help along the way. Westside School has been an amazing environment, both in allowing me to help people as they undertake harder and harder jobs, and by supporting me as my job has become harder as well.

This past year, I moved out of the classroom and took on the role of Extended Day and Summer Program Coordinator. I have missed being part of a classroom community, and developing day-in and day-out relationships with a small group of students. However, I felt by taking on the Coordinator position I might be able to positively influence the experience of more of the Westside School community. In many ways, this change initially felt like taking a step back in order to see the bigger picture. I was given the opportunity be more involved in designing an experience in which students could flourish rather than helping them through it personally. By the end of our Westside School Adventure Camp last summer, I realized I would have plenty of close-up interaction with students in addition to designing programs and helping to craft the bigger picture. It became apparent this was going to be a really big job, and I would need plenty of help. And I got it. I have had so much support from teachers, instructional assistants, administrative staff, and our facilities team throughout this year, and I would not be able to do a good job without them. 

                What I have learned from my year as Extended Day and Summer Program Coordinator is it is time for me to fully engage in what I intend to accomplish. I hope to be able to help more people to learn in better ways, and to understand each other more compassionately. As I see it this is the most important job in the world, and I have had a wonderful opportunity to work at it here at Westside School. To do the best job I can, I still have a whole lot to learn. So I have made the decision it is time to go back to school and be a student again. I’ll be pursuing a Master’s degree in Religious Studies full time beginning in the fall. If you’re wondering, “Why Religious Studies?” come ask me sometime, it’s a topic I enjoy talking about.  

Westside School will not be the same without Nick, but we are very grateful for his dedication, thoughtfulness, and spirit. After the academic year concludes, Nick will help kick off Westside School’s Summer Adventure Camp, before heading to the east coast in early July. Congratulations, Nick!