Eighth grade students present novel study of Animal Farm

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Westside School eighth grade Humanities students just completed the unit Power and Control with a novel study of Animal Farm. For their final projects students created propaganda posters demonstrating their understanding of both propaganda techniques and Animal Farm. Their task was to create a poster showing support for one of the following ideas or characters: Snowball, Napoleon, Communism, Dictatorships, or Democracy. Westside School Middle School art teacher, Candace, came in a gave a guest lesson on design elements used in propaganda posters.
The student’s final products are outstanding. As Marc Saks, Westside School Middle School Head, said, “I was blown away by level of thoughtfulness and design that went into the posters.”
Eighth grade students presented their posters to the seventh grade this past Monday and look forward to sharing their work with you at the Middle School EOL night on June 3.