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True Artist

Westside School is fortunate to have many talented, passionate, creative, and engaged faculty and staff. Today we’re highlighting (and hearing from) Music and Performing Arts faculty member, Jillian Honorof. She shares what has inspired her, the art of encouraging creativity, and what’s next.

I love the chance to inspire new artists and watch students find their own place in the performing arts. As a composer, it is often hard to find out where you belong in this art form; I like letting students know there are many ways to perform and create. I received my Masters in Music Education from Boston University two years ago, and my focus was on creating sustainable music programs in independent schools – with an approach that is student centered. 
My husband, Mark, has accepted a position with the Dunn School and this summer we will embark on a new adventure in California, and I will begin a new position with Laguna Blanca School in the nearby area. 
It has been such a great experience working along side Sue on the musicals. In particular, Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite so far because of the variety of musical styles and dance genres in the play. 
True Artist II
It has been wonderful to be back in Seattle where I received my undergraduate degree from Cornish, and to connect with my performing arts community here. 

I am very grateful to Ari, Don, Kate, and Marc for supporting me, they have been amazing and I am going to miss working with this wonderfully supportive and caring administration. 
Thank you for being such a joyful and loving community and I will miss you all.
Congratulations Jillian!
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