A chance to ‘leave logic on the shelf’

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As we approach the end of April, students in the sixth grade Humanities classes are gearing up for submitting their favorite poem (from the body of work they have produced on www.theprose.com) into the national “Library of Poetry” contest .
While Westside School does not promoting the concept of competition through poetry, the event has provided an authentic goal for producing some high quality work.
This week has been a time to leave logic on the shelf, as students have embarked on a integrated, multi-grade leveled ​abstract art project with ​Susannah’s eighth ​grade class.

Both classes have produced pieces of abstract art, with pastels (chalks and charcoal), to depict their interpretations and representations of each other’s poems.

Humanities IV
Art teacher, Candace O’Leary, visited the Language Art class​es​ this week and delivered an insightful lesson on abstract art and how feeling and emotion can be portrayed. This led into a short “brain science” session, where students identified the Limbic System and ​Pref​rontal Cortex as key contributors in how we think and feel.
Humanities V
Next week, students will present their abstract representations to the eighth grade class and to each other. The students shared how much they enjoyed the project, especially with the freedom of knowing they could not get anything “wrong.”
“I appreciated the freedom of thinking.” Nathaniel S.
“I liked being able to create something in its most basic form.” Owen
“It was a new experience, interpreting words into images.” Ashley
Humanities VI