Chickadee’s, robins, mallards and more! A spring day at Seward Park

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First grade students in Margie and Andrew’s class had the best of times yesterday at Seward Park and even saw some birds! The entire group heard even more birds than they saw but, somehow, the teachers think the birds heard them first!

Ask your first grade student what birds they saw! The list should include a chickadee, crow, robin, mallard, Great Blue Heron, Buffleheads (maybe), and some may have seen the Canada geese and what was thought to be grebes on the water.They also saw an eagle fly overhead right after they finished eating!
Thank you to the wonderful drivers, Dawn, Alisa, Kasia, and Mary. Thank you also to Mary, Zoe’s grandma, for teaching everyone how to identify birds and why birds are important. Finally, thank you to Eli, Kyos’s dad, who mapped out the route and was the fearless leader of the bird walk! 

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