Forever an educator

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Westside School is fortunate to have many talented, passionate, creative, and engaged faculty and staff. Today, we’re highlighting (and hearing from) someone who has brought light and joy to the students in kindergarten. Sophia Tolentino, Westside School Kindergarten teacher, shares what has inspired her, what she treasures, and what’s next.
Sophia Tolentino and family
In this journey we call life there are many seasons. Seasons where we leave our comfort zones, new adventures are calling, new interests arise, where different priorities take precedence, and where we reinvent ourselves. I have been embarking on such a season.
My classroom teaching career has been a special part of the journey where I was able to give homage to my own Kindergarten teacher who inspired me and laid the groundwork for my love of learning, where I have been pushed to be the very best version of myself, and where I have been able to share the joys and challenges of education with many, many curious and crazy five year old students. I will treasure the positive connections I have made over the years and forever be grateful to the colleagues, and kids, who mentored, inspired, and supported me. 
I am unsure where this new adventure will take me but I am being pulled by spending more time with my daughter, possibly revisiting my love for dance, and maybe even working with children through local non-profits. It’s time for a new season! 
Thank you for a great year Sophia, we wish you the very best in your journey!