Fourth grade celebrates Cinco de Mayo in an artistic way!

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Cinco de Mayo

Westside School fourth grade students participated in a collaborative project to make an art piece in the traditional Mexican Folk style. Students focused on shapes that resembled the sun, and the rays of the sun, to show the significance of the sun in Mexican culture.

Cinco de Mayo is often referred to as Mexican Independence Day, but it actually symbolizes a battle in history when the Mexican Army defeated the French. Even though the Mexican army were not trained soldiers, there were less of them in numbers and the weapons they had were not as good as the French weapons. The celebration is popular in Mexico, but the United States actually celebrates in larger numbers. Did you know on Cinco de Mayo American’s consume more than 81 million avocados!  So enjoy your Cinco de Mayo celebration in your own way, have some delicious Guacamole or sing a traditional Mexican song and remember Cinco de Mayo honors the people who push for what they believe in .

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo