Fostering a love of reading

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The beginning of school is an exciting time of year.  It can also be exhausting for your child as they get used to being back at school. One of the best ways to connect and relax with your child is through reading. If you need a new picture books or chapter book to read with your child come into the Westside School Library! Parents are always welcome to check out books. I have also compiled a few other resources for book ideas and reviews.  

Don’t forget students in kindergarten through fourth grade can check out two books for two weeks. Students may drop off their books at any time at the library book bins in the front entrance and Lower and Middle School levels.  If your child has not returned their book before, please have them bring it in the day before their Tech Lit class.

As always feel free to contact Susannah Muench with any questions (

Book Lists:

I love the lists put together by Seattle Public Library librarians- check out these two sites for links to many different recommended books by age level and topic. All books linked are available to check out.

Seattle Kids Librarian’s Lists

Common Sense Media is another great resource for books,  as well as movie reviews.  It allows you to see reviews and recommended books by age level easily.

Ages 2-6

Ages 7-12

Bedtime Stories

Finally, here is what Common Sense Media says on how to develop a love of reading for your child.

There are a few key things you can do to help your kid become a lifelong reader:

Read to them. As kids are growing up, make reading aloud part of your daily routine. Kids will make positive associations with reading and spending time with family.

Keep books in the house. Kids who grow up in homes with lots of books read more. If your family has an ereader, keep it stocked with new books. You can even check out ebooks from the library.

Set aside time daily for your kids to read. Prioritizing reading by making time for it, even as kids get older, has a huge impact.

Read! Parents who read more have kids who read more. Don’t save your reading time for after your kids are in bed. Read in front of them, and make going to the library a routine for you and your kids.

Source:  “What’s the Best Way to Develop a Love of Reading?” Common Sense Media. Web. 21 September 2015.