Life is good in sixth grade STEM class!

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Life has been good at Westside School and we are loving our new STEM classroom for performing our experiments! In science this week, we continued our investigation of digestion. Students have been studying nutrition and evaluated the quality of snacks we eat. Last week, we created a life-size model of the digestive tract (nine meters!) Students labeled the plastic with the organs and the length of each section.  They then raced to squeeze an oiled tennis ball (food) through the tube from mouth to rectum. In the end, we were able to discuss the actual process that happens in digestion and identify the limitations of our model.

This week, we began an investigation in carbohydrates and the students did their first lab experiment that used glassware, chemicals and boiling water.  They tested corn syrup, potatoes, eggs, marshmallow and cornstarch to see which food items contained sugar and/or starch. Students were excited to see the samples change color as they added the indicator chemical.  This prepares us for our labs next week,  digestion in the mouth and digestion in the stomach!