Westside School faculty members present at NWAIS Fall Educators Conference

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Westside School faculty members, Amanda Jones and Glyn Jenkins, presented a workshop last Friday at the NWAIS Fall Educators Conference, a development conference for fellow professionals from all across the Pacific Northwest. Glyn and Amanda presented a breakout session titled A Whole School Approach to Cultivating Character, Grit, and Growth Mindsets which focused on the character education program that has been implemented at Westside School, and the bigger vision of becoming a National School of Character. With over 60 educators squeezed into a room designed for 15, the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement promised further discussions, collaborations, and cooperation, as we continue the journey of motivating students to become more confident learners. Some of the key aspects of the workshops included: the immersion of strengths language into our curriculum, the development ​of ​ a growth mindset approach to learning, and the exciting new community-building “Wolfpack” concept.
The ​whole ​experience was neatly summed up by Amanda, who explains “Character education should not be viewed by parents and teachers as something else to fit on the plate… IT IS THE PLATE.”