Sixth grade dons science lab goggles for unit on Digestive System!

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Sixth grade students have finished a unit on the Digestive System and had time with their lab groups to adjust their torso anatomy posters to reflect what they had learned. They also had the opportunity to use the three-dimensional torso models to further explore where organs are located. Lastly, the class used the Atlas Visible Body App to virtually explore the digestive and urinary systems. On Wednesday, the class began a unit on the Musculoskeletal System. Students dissected raw chicken wings to begin to understand the anatomy human arm. At the end of the lab, students were able to identify muscle, connective tissues (tendon and ligaments), cartilage, blood vessels and nerve tissue. With maturity and focus, students used scalpels, scissors and probes to explore the chicken wing. Students are finishing Omnivore’s Dilemma this Friday and are watching the documentary, Food Inc. Students will next read an article about food equity and decide if Seattle needs a Food Policy.