Coding in the Classroom

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Classroom coding 1

I recently read an article on the merits of teaching coding, starting as young as kindergarten. I have read similar articles before, but what was interesting about Coding Class, Then Naptime: Computer Science For The Kindergarten Set was it argued the skills used in coding should be taught at the same time or even in conjunction with when students learn to read or do math. While there are many different viewpoints on this, initial research has shown learning programming concepts and tools early improves children’s sequencing and executive function skills.

Students in Tech Lit spent the month of December focusing on coding. Students in kindergarten through fourth grade were introduced to the world of computer science with basic block programming algorithms through apps such as Tynker, Lightbot, The Foos, Kodable, and Sphero. In January, fourth grade students will continue to build their programing skills by using Tynker to write code to create a simple digital scene – including characters, actions, and setting. In addition to Tech Lit, Coding is now being offered as an after-school enrichment activity.

-Susannah Muench