Westside School alum Niccole, Class of 2014, drops in to visit!

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Niccole, Westside School Class of 2014, has been having a blast at Seattle Lutheran, she enjoys drama and running track and field the most. Her classes always keep her on her toes and she’s always surprised by her friends with laughs.
“The community is so welcoming, I couldn’t have picked a better school for me.” – Niccole
Niccole has been busy with doing announcements and talking to teachers but also working on her music with her band at school. The Sealu band performs at chapels and concerts sometimes so she loves to get out there and sing new music!
Niccole loves to come back to Westside School and visit the teachers to say hi! We enjoyed seeing her last week, and appreciated her sharing pictures of what she’s doing. If you ask her what’s great about high school, she’ll say you can express yourself and try lots of different things. Great to see you Niccole!