Answering your questions…the Westside School bus!

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The bus will not look this cool…but it’s cool information!

Thank you to everyone who joined us this past Tuesday for an information session regarding the King County Metro Bus we are working to implement for Westside School students this fall! We know some of you were unable to be present, so we want to highlight the most important pieces of information for you and hopefully answer your questions.

We know you’re wondering!  

What exactly are we offering? 

One-way transportation to Westside School on a King County Metro custom bus. The bus will originate in North Admiral, and travel along California Avenue and Thistle to Westside School. This service will be available to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. 

What’s the cost? 


And what does the cost cover?

A full year of transportation from your bus stop to school. Your student will get an unlimited 12 month ORCA card. In addition to our bus route, this card can be used for any metro service, including the water taxi. The card is not good for Washington State Ferries. The pass is valid for a full year.

Where are the bus stops?

Our bus will stop at established Metro bus stops. We will choose stops based on the heaviest concentrations of riders. Currently stops are planned for North Admiral, PCC, the Alaska Junction, and Morgan Junction. We will post exact stops before we ask for commitments. 

How long will the bus ride take?

The route will take approximately 45 minutes from first pick up point in the North Admiral area to Westside School.

What time are you expecting my child will arrive at school if they take the bus?

The plan is for the kids will arrive at school by approximately 8:00 a.m.  (The bus will pull up in front of the school on 34th Ave SW.)

What about the time between arriving on campus and Lower School beginning at 8:30 a.m.?

The school will provide complimentary before care for Lower School students upon arrival until 8:15 a.m. (when students are welcome into the Lower School wing)

Is this a public bus others may use?

The bus will be a public bus, but it’s not a bus many others will want to take due to the limited route with only one drop off point.

Will the public know this bus is operational?

The bus will not be advertised to the public and there will be no signage along the route.

How many families need to sign up for the bus to be operational in the fall?

Westside School needs 30 students to sign up to make the program work. (There is a possibility we will share the bus with Explorer West Middle School)

What else can we answer for you?

Email Ted Holmes, Director of Advancement ( if you have further questions!