Apps and websites every parent should know about

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Apps and Websites Every Parent Should Know About
It was wonderful to have Jo Langford speak to Westside School parents last night on the topics of Sexting, Cyberbulling and Porn. For more information about Langford and the resources he offers to parents check out his website.
One of the topics that was brought up during Langford’s talk was apps all parents should be aware of. We have posted before on this topic, but here is what Common Sense Media has to say about one app that was specially mentioned, Kik.
Kik Messenger is an app that lets kids text for free. It’s fast and has no message limits, character limits, or fees if you only use the basic features. Because it’s an app, the texts won’t show up on your kid’s phone’s messaging service, and you’re not charged for them (beyond standard data rates.)
What parents need to know
  • Stranger danger is an issue. Kik allows communication with strangers who share their Kik usernames to find people to chat with. The app allegedly has been used in high-profile crimes, including the murder of a 13-year-old girl and a child-pornography case. There’s also a Kik community blog where users can submit photos of themselves and screenshots of messages (sometimes displaying users’ full names) to contests.
  • It’s loaded with ads and in-app-purchases. Kik specializes in “promoted chats” — basically, conversations between brands and users. It also offers specially designed apps (accessible only through the main app), many of which offer products for sale.
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