Mandarin Chinese students share Beijing adventure

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你好! Students taking Mandarian Chinese just returned from a Beijing Adventure! We all hiked to the highest watchtower on Great Wall. It was so fun to experience China through  hands-on activities, including making Bamboo lamps, riding Bamboo bicycles, doing community service at Bethel Orphanage, and more. Tasting authentic local food such as Peking Duck, Hot pot, homemade dumplings and more, and visiting magnificent historical relics to learn the history behind them were also highlights.
It was such a fun trip and everyone mastered the use of chopsticks! As a group leader, I really enjoyed the trip with our students and feel gratified when listening to them speak Chinese in the restaurants and bargaining in the shop!
Shared by Michelle Ma, Mandarin Chinese teacher at Westside School
Students traveled to China through Global Works. Check out the blog they contributed to (and more photos!) during their amazing trip.