Seventh grade builds Rube Goldberg Machines

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The seventh grade started their Rube Goldberg projects recently, where the class is divided into six groups, and each group makes one portion of the machine. Due to the growth of the Middle School, this will be the first year classes are building TWO whole Rube Goldberg Machines – one for each class. Consequently, students are in need of additional supplies – if you have any old toys that might be useful, please consider donating them to the cause! In addition, if you would like any items back at the end of the project, just let Sarah Harper-Smith know and she’ll make sure they are returned to you.

Classes are looking for things like…
– ramps, tracks, cars, and trains
– marble tracks
– k’nex, lincoln logs, tinker toys, and other building toys
– gears
– dominoes
– blocks
– anything else students could use to build the machine!