Eighth grade student Jonathan reflects on a positive Middle School experience at Westside

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In anticipation of our 35th Celebration, we’ve asked some of our eighth grade students to share their Westside Story. Westside School is what it is today because of 35 years of stories. We’d love to hear yours.


I have been at Westside School for four years, starting in fifth grade. That may not seem like much, but I have matured a lot as a person at Westside over those four years. I was new from my local public school at the time. I was confused. Now I feel like a part of the community that has been here for as long as anybody. This may come from the many people who joined in the coming years, but I can remember at the beginning of my time here I already knew some of the people here, and I felt like part of the community from the beginning. This is one of the most meaningful things I think of when I think of my fifth grade year, how everybody accepted me into the community.

Shared by Jonathan, Class of 2017

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