Second grade celebrates Salmon and Kindergarten creates Hands of Love!

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2nd Auction Art 2

Second Grade Art Project

Salmon Celebration

Each year, second grade spends time learning about salmon in the Pacific Northwest. In line with their studies, each student wrote a poem about salmon as well as used their artistic skills to create decorative paper fish. Each fish, along with samples of the poems, were placed together to create a beautiful painting celebrating togetherness and the focus of their studies, salmon.

Thank you, Jen Howe and Margery Lamden!

K Auction Art

Kindergarten Art Project

Hands of Love

Kindergarten artists used their drawing skills to contribute unique tiles composed of their favorite colors and mediums. The tiles were then mounted in the shape of “hands of love”, resulting in a beautiful piece about collaboration, peace, and love.

Thank you, Leslie Buckley, Jen Howe and Margery Lamden!