Parenting with Gender Identity in Mind: A Parent Education Opportunity

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All of us parenting children have stories to share about our children and the many ways they express gender from an early age. The idea shapes and colors many of our experiences — the ratio in a classroom, the clothes we wear, the messages we want our kids to hear and embrace.

In 2017, our language and our understanding of gender is shifting, becoming broader and more inclusive. Still, stereotypes persist throughout media and in the ways we talk with one another. It’s increasingly important that we make time to work with students to look critically at those messages and talk about gender in a healthy and open manner.

Indeed, the National Association of School Psychologists identifies “healthy conversations about gender and identity” as a key characteristic of effective schools.

That’s why we are excited to host gender and diversity expert, Rosetta Lee, to Westside on Tuesday, May 23. Rosetta will be speaking broadly about raising students in today’s climate, and how to support a broadly inclusive environment around gender and identity. She’ll be working with faculty in the afternoon, looking at elements of school culture and curriculum. In the evening she’ll be talking with parents about media, message and identity. In talking about the evening, Rosetta said, “There will be something in the conversation for every parent prekindergarten  through eighth grade. We are all raising kids in today’s world, with today’s message, and we have to work together to create the kind of environment we want for our kids.”

I hope you can join us on the 23rd.

-Ted Kalmus, Head of School

RSVP is required for this event and childcare is available. Please RSVP here.