Athlete’s of the Week, January 24, 2014

Athlete's of the Week, Lily & Kai
Athlete’s of the Week, Kai and Lily

Westside School congratulate’s this week’s Athlete’s of the Week, Lily & Kai! The 8th/7th grade girls team has been rolling lately. Last Sunday, the team competed at Seattle University on the big court. With a victory against Holy Rosary 33-18, for a fifth straight win, the team ran their record to 6-1 on the year. Lily has been a solid contributor all year, but she put her best game together on Sunday. Lily has been working hard on her shooting form, rebounding, put backs, and positioning. She pursues offensive rebounds as well as anyone on the team, and scored a season high six points against Holy Rosary. The team has a great mix of 7th and 8th graders, of experience and inexperience, and all get along together well and play as a team extremely well. Lily personifies the team togetherness and teamwork as well as anyone on our team, and is well deserving of Athlete of the week.

Our 5th grade boys took a hit when one of the players, JP, went down with a wrist injury. Since then the team has been battling hard, but the number of scoring options has dwindled, and Kai has done a great job of picking up the slack. The team led Holy Rosary at the quarter, and was still tied at the break, but down to five players, and playing without a sub, the team seemed to slow down in the second half, finally falling 30-18. Kai continually got to the basket, and found space to get shots up. He scored 14 points, and continuously handles the ball, distributes, and scores very well. Kai has shown a positive attitude and good leadership all year, and we’re looking forward to three more years watching him develop. Great job Kai and Lily!

Athlete’s of the Week, January 17, 2014

Chris and Nina Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to the Athlete’s of the Week, Nina & Chris!

Our 8th/7th grade girls’ team came into last weekend with a 4-1 record. They played St. Monica, who was undefeated coming in. With parents providing occasional Seahawk’s score updates, the team jumped out to an 8-0 lead after the first quarter, and eventually pushed it up to 17- 3. The team has been working all year on playing suffocating defense, and running the floor and converting layups. This style of play is particularly suited to them, because they are so fast. With many of our girls sprinting the break, they’ve worked hard on full-court passing, and looking up the floor. This last week was the best game doing this and throwing good lead passes, and Nina has done the best job of this all year. Nina is an awesome athlete, and a talented, hard-working, intelligent and versatile basketball player. Nina, one of the point guards, is very successful in anticipating passes on defense, is a skilled passer, and one of the top scorers on the team. She has 29 points on the year, which is tied for the second leading scorer. The win over St. Monica brings the team record to 5 -1, with two games remaining. Great job Nina!

Our 8th/7th grade boys started last weekend’s game with a 4-1 record. They played St. Joseph and got off to a sluggish start. Though at one point the team was down 9-2, they dug out of the hole all game. The boys started locking down on defense, and shifting Chris to the top of the zone definitely changed the game. Chris started getting his hands on balls, getting steals, and had some full court attempts. St. Joseph played a collapsed zone, and really clogged the paint all game, daring Westside players to shoot, and fouling whenever they drove. Chris didn’t have his best day from the free throw line, but he continued to take the ball to the hole, and got some points by attrition. Chris alternated between handling the point duties, working the high post, and attacking from the wing. He scored a game high of 10 points in the team’s 24-22 win, and has led in scoring every game this year. Chris is not a true guard or a true post, but he is super slippery with the ball on offense, uses his left-handed shot to get shots off on much taller defenders, and does whatever is necessary to contribute to the team in every game. Chris also remains positive and has done a great job as a vocal leader for Westside School’s relatively inexperienced team all year. Congratulations Chris!! Stay tuned for next week’s Athlete’s of the Week!!

Athlete’s of the Week, January 6, 2014

Athlete of the Week!

Congratulations to Athlete’s of the Week, Emma and Justin! Our 8th grade girls’ team has three wins in a row, with a current record of 4-1. Emma had her best game of the year in our 32-11 victory over Holy Family last Saturday. Emma always plays hard defense and rebounds well, but she rounded her game out with five points on Saturday, including a buzzer beater at the end of the first half!
Our 6th grade boys’ started the year with three consecutive wins. Last Saturday, we played a one loss Holy Family team, and ended up taking a 2 point loss. Justin’s game really stood out. Justin hit two big shots in the fourth that gave us the lead at the time, and he ran the floor well on offense all game. His biggest contribution came on the defensive end though. Justin applies great ball pressure, and always has active hands. He gets steals, and he hassles the point guard really well. Justin continues to scrap every second he’s on the floor, and he is definitely fun to watch. Great job Emma and Justin!!!


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