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Francesca reflects on friendships,pre-kindergarten, and the Westside School tradition of Reading Buddies

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In anticipation of our 35th Celebration, we’ve asked some of our eighth grade students to share their Westside Story. Westside School is what it is today because of 35 years of stories. We’d love to hear yours.


I began my journey at Westside School when I was four years old. At that time the school was much smaller than it is now; there was no Middle School, and we were located at the building we shared with Explorer West. When I started at Westside I was in pre-kindergarten and my teacher was Claudia; she still teaches pre-kindergarten today, too! I loved that year because we got to play dress up a lot, learn about numbers, and my favorite part was being able to have reading buddies. I liked being able to hang out with the older kids because it made me feel special and sometimes I would even get the chance to try to read the books. Being able to be with other students in different grades is really important because you get to make new friends with people who are a different age than you and bond with them. I love how Westside School is very inclusive and they like to mix together different grades in some of the classes, especially in Middle School.

Shared by Francesca, Class of 2017

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