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A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small

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This year’s spring musical was Seussical Jr. All of the students involved worked very hard to put on multiple incredible performances and they truly shined on stage and behind the scenes. Here is what some of the teachers who worked with them on this production had to say.

“As with Dr. Seuss books, Seussical is a fantastical and sometimes chaotic musical.  The students needed an enormous amount of concentration and energy to keep all of those moving parts in order and to tell the story of Horton and the Whos.  In both performances, never was a line dropped or an entrance missed.  To a member, the cast was performing in unison to deliver a message of belonging.  I am so proud of what they accomplished.” –Bryan, Performing Arts Teacher


“The students in Tech Theater worked tirelessly on Seussical to create a student-led production. Students in Technical Theater sewed costumes, touched up backdrops, and built props up until the curtain rose. Students created whimsical hair and makeup looks for each character and lights and sound added to the atmosphere and drama. Stage managers organized their peers backstage and ensured that every scene went off without a hitch. Each student should be extremely proud of their ability to stage a full musical production!”
Anna, Interim Visual Arts Instructor

Spring is the air!

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Our first and second grade students celebrated the season this week with songs, spring decorations, and spirit during their How Does Your Garden Grow musical performance!

Happy spring everyone!

Visualizing the world of Suessical Jr.! in Technical Theater class

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In the first few weeks of Technical Theatre, a Middle School Exploratory class at Westside School, the crew has been visualizing the first scene of the wonderful world of Seussical Jr.! They started out by listening to, and reading the script to get ideas of what the stage would look like, such as colors, lights, backdrop, and more.

The students were also tasked with which technical roles they wanted to play in making the musical come to life, these roles include costumes, props, makeup and other parts of technical theatre.

The project that all the students are doing is making a model of the first scene, and they had to imagine how big every prop was and if those props were going to be portable or not. It was a way for everyone to imagine and suggest what the musical might look like visually. A lot of mistakes were made during this visual experience but the students were able to use their creativity and problem solving skills to fix unwanted results.

Thank you to Lenin, a member of this class, for contributing this piece

A Wonderland of Talent at Winterfest!

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It wouldn’t be the holidays without our students taking the stage to perform holiday classics, seasonal songs and a showcase of their performing arts work over the last semester!

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Thank you to all of our guests who joined us for an evening of wonderful talent. We wish everyone a very Happy Holidays!



Sounds of the season – our tiniest voices

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We appreciate all of the families who joined our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students for their Winterfest performance yesterday morning! We hope to see you this evening for the first through fourth grade student Winterfest performance and the Middle School Showcase beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the theater!

FAME! Westside School musical takes the stage

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Westside School and the Performing Arts department would like to extend an invitation to you to see FAME! – this year’s fall musical.

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The cast and crew have been working hard and will take the stage tomorrow night, Thursday, December 8 at 6:30 p.m.

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We spoke with several members of the cast to learn more about their roles and the production:

simmons-ava Ava, seventh grade, in the role of Iris Kelly.

 smith-greg Greg, seventh grade, in the role of Tyrone Jackson

viscon-graycie Graycie, eighth grade, in the role of Miss Sherman (the English teacher)

Each of them told us why they wanted to be part of FAME! and what message resonated so clearly with them. Ava said the key message is all about hard work, and how that work can lead to achieving goals. Greg said his favorite message about the production is you should follow your dreams, anything is possible when you put your mind to it. And Graycie loves that education and the arts are equally important are communicated.

We asked the cast members to share their favorite song from the show, and Ava and Graycie both love “There She Goes!”/Fame,” Greg added it has everyone in the musical dancing and having fun! I also like this song because the dancing needs everyone to make it complete, which is a great way to build teamwork between our musical theater family. 

Each of the students expressed gratitude for the performing arts department here at Westside School, with Ava telling us I really enjoy the process of putting together a show and working with my friends. And Greg echoed that sentiment saying I enjoy making new friends…(musical theater) gives two or more people something to bond over – whether it’s dancing, acting or singing.

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Don’t miss this special performance!

*In the event of unsafe driving conditions due to significant snow accumulation, this performance will be re-scheduled for Monday, December 12 at 6:30 p.m. Westside School will communicate to our community in the event this is necessary. 

Creative Exploration at Westside School

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Annual giving allows Westside School to invest in core elements of our program that promote creative exploration for all students


Westside School believes creating is an intrinsic part of learning. That’s why all of our classes provide opportunities for inquiry, discovery and expression, from core subjects like math and science, to dedicated classes in technology, and performing and fine arts. Outside of class, enrichment opportunities like robotics, drama, and art allow students to continue creating as they nurture their emerging passions.

Snails 2.jpg

Last year, students connected creativity with math by having some fun with snails. You may have heard an ant can carry something that weighs hundreds of times its own body weight. In pre-algebra, students asked a similar question about snails: How much can a snail pull, relative to its body weight? Each group harnessed a land snail up to a cup, lured it forward with lettuce, and gradually added weight until the snail could no longer pull the cup. They then weighed their snail and how much it was able to pull. Later, students used their knowledge of ratio and percent to determine which snail was the “strongest” relative to its body mass, and figured out how much a human could pull if it had equivalent snail-strength! (Eighth grade algebra students also got to take part in the fun!)

Art Projects


In second grade, students used their creativity to study animals using art. Students went above and beyond in imagining, designing, collaborating, and constructing this artistic and interactive set. Using their knowledge of nocturnal animals, students imagined their own nocturnal creatures and brought them to life in the form of puppets. The second grade students used their gift of storytelling to create backgrounds, scenarios, and puppet show prompts, all included in this set. The ten team-built puppets are housed in an easy to carry and easy to store embellished vintage valise.

Make your gift today!