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This Week at Westside: May 22-26

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With less than two weeks left in the school year, student’s are working hard on their final projects and presentations for EOL, Spring Flings or Showcases, and also getting out to enjoy the sunshine! Here are a few snapshots from around our community this week.

To see more of what the students have been working on, come check out these events:

Tuesday, May 30
5:30-6:15 p.m. Seventh and Eighth Grade Exhibition of Learning (EOL)
6:30-7:30 p.m. Middle School Showcase

Wednesday, May 31
8:15-9:00a.m. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Coffee in the Gallery
9:00-9:30a.m. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Spring Fling Performance

Thursday, June 1. 
6:30-7:30pm. Lower School Spring Fling Performance


Lukas and Masha express gratitude for the welcoming community at Westside as new students

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In anticipation of our 35th Celebration, we’ve asked some of our eighth grade students to share their Westside Story. Westside School is what it is today because of 35 years of stories. We’d love to hear yours.


I began my time at Westside School at twelve years of age. During this, the school was beginning in a new location. My favorite part of Westside is the friendly student population. A favorite memory of mine at Westside School is the ‘Mercado’ project from seventh grade, as there were several different ideas for topics for the project.

Shared by Lukas, Class of 2017

One of the most memorable times I can think of at Westside is making pyramids with friends at recess in third or fourth grade. I remember this because that day I really felt like I connected with the people I was with, and was enjoying myself and developing friendships with new people. Another memory is the first day I came to Westside School. I was in Jill’s second grade class. When I came in, the teacher introduced me to the class, and gave me a worksheet to work on that my mom helped me with; I didn’t completely understand, and was very nervous and confused. She also asked the same of my fellow newbie, Talia, and I was happy to see I wasn’t alone. All the kids were very nice and welcoming, but I still didn’t feel like this was the right place for me, until one student started talking to me, and making this feel like the school for me, and made me feel welcome.

Shared by Masha, Class of 2017

Share your story with us. It just might be featured here!

A Wonderland of Talent at Winterfest!

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It wouldn’t be the holidays without our students taking the stage to perform holiday classics, seasonal songs and a showcase of their performing arts work over the last semester!

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Thank you to all of our guests who joined us for an evening of wonderful talent. We wish everyone a very Happy Holidays!



Creative connections to real-world challenges

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Inspired by the recent news of the rerouting of the Dakota Access Pipeline, third grade students designed, built, and tested their own pipelines.

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Using straws, tape, wood sticks, and cups, they were challenged to create a pipeline with as few leaks as possible. When three straws were attached to the starting point, they were asked to build around sacred ground to get to their end point.

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Water was poured from one end and had to travel to the other end. Each group presented their pipeline by identifying what they thought would work well and where the potential weaknesses were located.

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There were many different styles of connecting the pipes and ways of using gravity to make the water flow.

Salmon Animations, Keynote presentations, and digital Fairy Tales!

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One of the goals of the Tech Lit program at Westside School is to integrate with classroom curriculums. Here are some examples of projects students have done this year that incorporate class content and technology skills.

Second grade students have spent the year studying, raising and releasing salmon.  In Tech Lit students applied their understanding of the salmon life cycle to create their own depiction of the cycle using the app, Animator. Click on the links to see the results!

Margie’s Salmon Animations

Laura’s Salmon Animations

Students in third grade spent the last several weeks in Tech Lit learning how to create keynote presentations as part of their genre book studies and social studies curriculum.  Students created keynote book reports and Native American research reports. Click on the links to see the results!

Third grade Jana Native American Reports

Third grade Signe Native American Reports

Throughout the year, fourth grade students have worked on writing in different genres. In Tech Lit students combined their coding and writing skills to create digital fairy tales.  Students spent several weeks storyboarding and using Scratch Jr. to create their stories. Click on the links below to see the results!

Amanda’s Fairy Tales

Judith’s Fairy Tales

First the sun and the shores, then the moon – Third grade is staying busy!

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Third grade students learned about the phases of the moon by playing Orbit BINGO, going on a scavenger hunt, and using moon boards!

Third grade students guess April’s Scientist of the Month!

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Congratulations to the third grade students who correctly guessed April’s Scientist of the Month! The students have become increasingly independent throughout the year in their researching skills. In April, they used more challenging texts to research the clues which led them to the botanist George Washington Carver. Way to go, scientists! Come check out the clues for May’s scientist and put a guess in.