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Introducing London, the Westside Wolf

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Welcome to the newest member of the Westside family: London, the Westside Wolf!

London is currently a resident of Wolf Haven International, a Washington-based rehabilitation center working towards the conservation and protection of wolves and their habitats. Westside School began sponsoring London this spring, after the middle school Social Justice flex class held a bake sale to raise money for and promote awareness of the organization.

This is not the first time the Social Justice flex has stepped up to support causes they believe in. When the class started in January, students spent time researching current events, issues they cared about, and ways they could make a positive change in the world. A February roll back on protections for transgender students prompted our class to research support services for transgender youth in Seattle. We were inspired by the work of the Lambert House, and held our first “Food for Though” bake sale in March. The students baked rainbow themed goodies topped with inspirational, motivational, and educational notes. The result was amazing! We raised over $400 for this local institution, and spread a message of acceptance and love (with a little bit of sugar) in the process.

The Social Justice class ended in early March, but the students have continued meeting weekly to discuss how they can continue to make an impact in this community, and the world. After reading about the recent “War on Wolves Act'”, students decided to host another bake sale, this time to support Wolf Haven.

We are so proud of the work and dedication of this group, and we hope London can serve as inspiration to the rest of the Westside community to promote positive engagement!

London’s photo and biography will be on display at the front desk soon.
-Colleen and Kendra

Eighth grade girls Volleyball team wins Championship game!

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Westside School’s eighth grade girls’ Volleyball team won both games this weekend, beating St. Catherine’s in the semifinals Saturday, and beating Holy Rosary Edmonds in the championship game on Sunday, completing an undefeated season.

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This is only the second team sport championship in Westside School’s history, and the first volleyball championship. The girls showed great skill, spirit, and teamwork, and were great ambassadors of Westside all season. Thank you to everyone from the community who came and supported the team on Sunday.

Westside School Eighth grade boys win Championship!

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Westside School’s eighth grade boys’ basketball team beat St. Edwards 54-39 on Saturday at Blanchet high school to win the CYO Championship. This was the biggest crowd we have ever had for a basketball game, and the community support from current students, parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and other community members was awesome. The team executed tip play perfectly, with Will tipping to Connor, who dribbled up and lobbed to Henry for the first basket. This allowed the team to set up our press, get a steal, another basket, and they were on their way. St. Edwards called timeouts down 7-0 and down 11-0 to try to stop the bleeding, but the athletes were firing on all cylinders with the press and the fast break, and didn’t allow a point until the 1:30 mark of the first quarter. All ten played and contributed well. Henry had 19 points, Will 17, and Isaac 13 to lead us. Kovit anchored the defense, like he did all season long, and also chipped in five points. Connor was always in the right spot, making the right decisions, and playing his typical smart basketball. Justin, Callum, Nate, Riley, and Jac all contributed with effort, defense, and team play. Callum also scored three huge points. Championships are hard to come by, and this is a culmination of four years of hard work at Westside School for Henry, Will, Justin, Callum, and Nate, three years of hard work for Connor and Jac, two years of hard work for Kovit and Riley, and one year of hard work for Isaac. This was a great run for this group, for Westside School, and the bar is set high for future Wolves.

Congratulations to each and every member of the team, and Coach Mike Thomas!

Westside School Eighth grade boys basketball team competes for CYO Championship

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Will makes the shot
Westside School’s eighth grade boys varsity basketball team will play for the CYO Championship, this Saturday, at 4:30 p.m. at Bishop Blanchet High School. This season was the first time a Westside School basketball team has played a varsity schedule, the first time a Westside School team sport team has won a playoff game, and now the first time a Westside School team has advanced to the championship game!
The team defeated St. Francis in the quarterfinals last Saturday 44-32, and then beat arch rival Holy Rosary for the second time this season last Sunday, 55-46. Westside School trailed to Holy Rosary at half 27-18, but scored 19 points in the third quarter and 17 more in the fourth, to come back and secure the win. The team will face St. Edwards in the championship.
The photo is from the first game against Holy Rosary, where the Wolves eeked out a 72-70 win.
Come cheer on the team!

Westside School Athletes of the Week!

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Westside School participated in the individual championship track meet recently. Athletes took home 26 medals overall, including seven gold medals. They also set 21 new Westside School records! As a result, the school has been put in the AAA meet for the team championship meet. We hope you can come support the Westside Wolves at Renton stadium this Saturday, May 30, starting at 10:00 a.m. as they compete in the team championship meet.


Reese, our male Athlete of the Week, is a talented track athlete, but what makes him great is his dedication. Reese takes every practice seriously, and works to keep his teammates focused as well. In some ways, it is like having another coach. Reese runs the 400 for Westside School this year, and he has won in each of our meets, including bringing home the gold medal last week. Reese’s best time so far this year is 1:06, but he is confident he can go faster. Reese also runs the curve on the sixth grade boys 4 x 1 relay team, and helped the team win the bronze last Saturday. The medley relay teams can be any grade, but they are usually eighth grade students and a couple seventh grade students. Coaches have pushed Reese and JP into service out of need this year for the medley relay team and they have done a great job running the first two legs. Our medley relay team finished third, so Reese either won or assisted in three medals.


Regan, this week’s female Athlete of the Week, had a great cross country season and coaches started her off in track thinking she would run the 1600 or 800, but after some hip injuries, decided to move her down to the 400. She ran fine in the preliminary meet, but not as well as she could have. The 400 is a very challenging race, and can be tough to learn how to run. After the first meet, Regan figured it out though, and won her qualifying race, and then won the gold last week in the championship meet. Her fastest time this year was  1:12, which is only one second off the girls’ school record in the 400, which is extremely impressive for a fifth grade student. Regan also anchored our fifth grade girls 4 x 1 relay team, which finished second.

Congratulations to Reese and Regan!

Westside School Athletes of the Week!

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The Westside School Track season is about at the half way mark. The practice meet and the individual qualifying meet have been held thus far. The individual championship meet took place this past Saturday, May 16 at Renton Stadium. The team championship meet will be Saturday, May 30 at Renton Stadium.

Athlete of the Week May 18

The team has had lots of great performances so far this year, and it’s hard to single one out. Flora our female Athlete of the Week, is very deserving of recognition. Flora runs the 400, and throws the javelin. The first thing that strikes you when watching Flora run is her form. The 400 is a very challenging event, and many runners have their form fall apart at the end of the 400. Flora keeps her form perfectly, and really pushes at the end, but still thinks about keeping her form together. This year, she has set an eighth grade 400 record for Westside School with a time of 1:13. Flora qualified for the individual championship meet in the 400, the javelin, and the co-ed 4 x 400 relay. She ran the second leg of the 4×4 in the qualifying meet and along with Anthony, Luke, and Andres, for a win. Flora also was one of five eighth grade students who volunteered to participate in the decathlon a couple weeks ago. Flora ran well in the 400, and also set a Westside School eighth grade record in the 800 with a time of 3:05. Flora has been a joy to coach and we look forward to an excellent finish to her season. Congratulations Flora!

Andres Lopez 3

Andres, our male Athlete of the Week is running track for the first time this year. He has Westside School’s mile record in the Presidential Fitness Challenge, so we knew he was a very gifted runner, but we did not know he would be as good as he’s been. Andres easily won the mile in the first meet with a time of 5:22. After going on the Middle School Outdoor Education trip and then a soccer tryout, Andres came out first thing Saturday morning, and had two new runners in his race. All three are very fast. They ran a 64 second first lap, which is flying. They all stayed right together for the next two laps, and Andres was digging deep. During the medal lap, one of the runners got a few steps out, and Andres went with him. The third runner challenged from the back, but Andres stayed ahead of him. Andres finished second in the qualifying meet with a new Westside School record of 5:20, one second behind the winner. Watching Andres dig so deep and push himself so much while his body was already very tired was exhilarating. We have two more meets to watch him run, and are looking forward to them! We are proud of you Andres!

Athletes of the Week, Volleyball season begins!

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Westside School began the 2015 Volleyball season last weekend. There are five teams this year, and four of them were in action. The fifth grade girls played their first game against a really tough Guadalupe team. The main points of emphasis early in the season are serving, communicating, and going after the ball. There are twelve girls on the team, and they will be fun to watch improve through the season.

Athlete of the Week February 26 15

Ava, our female Athlete of the Week, played a great game against Guadalupe. She got several consecutive serves in, hustled after balls, and consistently showed a great attitude. Ava is bubbly and always positive, encouraging her teammates and leading by example. We’re proud of you Ava!

The sixth grade boys had a solid season last year, this year the team has a mix of returners and new players for a total of fourteen players. This is a large number, but they all played well in the first game – a win over St. Al and St. John. The returning players looked really good, and our new players are catching on quickly. This team is a lot of fun to watch. Tyler, the male Athlete of the Week, is an excellent server, and he was featuring it in the first game. Tyler hits a hard, overhand serve, which often gets near the back line. It’s very tough to return, and Tyler hit several aces. Tyler also hustles after balls, and has improved his bumping. Way to go Tyler!