Westside Parent Throws Mariner’s First Pitch!

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Fred Northup is not only a parent of a pre-kindergartener and first grade student here at Westside School, but he’s also a local auctioneer and emcee.  If you’ve attended a Westside auction in the past three years, it’s likely you’ve seen Fred livening up the evening as our excellent auctioneer.  Fred recently had the opportunity to throw the first pitch at a Mariners game vs. the Athletics. Here’s what he had to say about his experience.

I emceed the 2017 BECU company meeting, and afterwards the CEO said, “That was great! As a thank you, would you like to throw out a first pitch?”


I was lucky enough to have many friends who have done it before, from politicians to Chefs to rock stars! So I got a lot of great coaching in advance. The main thing I learned was that 60′ 6″ is a lot farther than it looks.


I chose to throw it out from the mound, got it to the plate, and the M’s won! It was nerve-wracking, but having Ashley and the kids on the field with me was so fun. Now I can check it off my bucket list!